Our story

The best brands for independent retailers.

Jane Diamond Brands is a Melbourne based brand management studio.

For retailers, we take the guess work out of choosing proven brands for your store.

For suppliers, we offer a platform to reach your ideal customer base.

We represent a stable of internationally recognised design, gift, fashion and homewares brands and pair them with our valued Victorian and Tasmanian retailers.

Jane Diamond Brands was born in 2015 about the same time as my second child. I had been working in a large wholesale agency for several years following a 15 year career in design and product development. My boss called me into her office to announce her retirement and asked if I would be interested in continuing to represent the brands I had known and loved at the agency for many years. My answer was of course ‘Yes!’

With little warning, my partner and I converted the front living area of our house into a showroom for our first season and he sat at the back of the house rocking the newly arrived baby while I showed ranges, made cups of tea and tried to stop the dog from barking at every client that came to the door!

We believe it’s this hand’s on experience of being an independent business owner combined with the experience of a larger agency that gives us the edge in understanding the needs of independent business owners;

  • Independent retailers are often dealing with too many suppliers to keep track of- We offer a one stop shop for 13 different brands. Not to mention we will supply you with high quality images of all our ranges for use on your website and social media.
  • Things get busy and sometimes you need stock at the last minute- We dispatch stock from Australia within 48 hours direct to you.
  • We understand that your business is your life (us too)- We will come to see your store and get to know what works for you whenever possible.
  • Our approach is personal and hands on. We answer our phones and return enquiries within 24 hours.
  • We have a small team of highly experienced staff that have over 40 years of combined knowledge in sales and marketing.

It’s been a hectic three years as we have welcomed a steady stream of top global and Australian brands into our stable but we are staying true to our values;

  • We offer only global brands that you will not find elsewhere.
  • Ethics matter- We do not represent any brands that employ child or slave labour.
  • The environment matters- We support labels that produce useful and sustainable product ranges.
  • Great design is timeless and will always win out.

Our brands are well designed, beautiful, sometimes funny and always of the highest quality, much like our clients. Come join us!